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Working with the best in business

Excellence is achieved on sheer hard work. Saketians stick by this mantra and we are always proud when one of our clients is awarded the highest award in their trade. Our client B. U. Bhandari Volkswagen recently joined the diamond league of Volkswagen dealers. This glorious event took place in Germany and was hosted by Volkswagen. The evening was solely meant for the elite class of Volkswagen dealers across the globe.

Mr. Shailesh Bhandari receiving the Diamond Pin


In that event, representing India was B U Bhandari Volkswagen which was indeed a proud moment for us. That night top 60 VW dealers from the 10000 dealers around the globe were invited. This group of elite dealers proved their excellence with their unmatched dedication and rock solid work ethic. Mr. Shailesh Bhandari, the owner of B. U. Bhandari Volkswagen was awarded the prestigious diamond pin. The diamond pin is a mark of excellence that is awarded to those dealers who did exceptionally well throughout the year. For a car dealer this prestigious pin is an Olympic medal! We Saketians heartily congratulate B. U. Bhandari Volkswagen for their amazing feat, that too at an international level.

Genelia – The perfect jewel for Chandukaka Saraf

One of the most innovative and growing jewellery brands of Maharashtra– Chandukaka Saraf Jewellers needed a fresh face which is loved by the people of Maharashtra.They wanted to change the perception the people had about diamonds and make them realise that diamonds can also shine on a commpon man’s body. Hence, they wanted a brand face that that belonged to a tradtional Maharashtrian family


Genelia Dsouza Deshmukh with team Saket

which would take the brand to a whole different level. Saket Communications being their Celebrity Management agency was rightly approached for the same two years back. We suggested them that Genelia Dsouza would be a perfect choice for endorsing their brand,to which they agreed. An unanimous decision was taken that Genelia will be the face for Chandukaka Saraf Jewellers and a two year contract was signed accordingly.

   After finalising all the terms, Team Saket started working on the shoot scheduling, costume designing and all the other details.Entire campaign, right from appearances to photo shoot execution and logistics was done by Team Saket. Jatin Kampani,one of the top five photographers from the industry shot the most beautiful pictures of


Jatin Kampani and team Saket

Genelia Dsouza at Mehboob Studio,Mumbai.

   It was a very successful shoot which was shot on a pleasant sunday morning at one of the most happening studios in Mumbai. The shoot started at 9 in the morning and lasted till 5 in the evening. There were six to seven costume changes and equal number of jewellery changes.
  Genelia Dsouza being one of the most adored face in India, gave the perfect visibility to Chandukaka Saraf jewels which looked extremely mesmerizing on her.The association has been going really well as the trio of client – celebrity and agency has been going well for last 2 years. Genelia Dsouza is happy with it and has appreciated  the way how Team Saket works and manages her.The success goes hand in hand as everyone involved in this amalgamation has had a steady growth over the years. We hope to continue doing so.